Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area Guide – Interview With James Rochford Jr, GM

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If you never have been to Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area or been a member for years, a guide to the ski hill can help enhance your next visit. Below is an interview with James Rochford Jr, General Manager of Trollhaugen, who shares some tips and insight on the ski hill.

Please provide a brief description your ski hill/resort?
We are located 50 miles NE of Minneapolis/St. Paul. We have 23 trails, 3 chairlifts, 4 rope tows, and a 10 lane tubing area with a conveyor belt. We are open until 3am on Friday nights starting the day after Thanksgiving until mid March. Besides the ski hill, the Skolhaugen Bar and Lounge is our famous post ski hangout, overlooking the hills, offering a wide variety of food and beverage.

In the summer we have installed a 6-Line Zip Line Tour and a 110 element Aerial Challenge Course which is open May-October to the public.

What is unique about your property or what separates your ski hill from others in the area?
We have a lot of varied terrain.   No run is the same as another run. We also have a segregating learning area that is separate from the other runs.

Any tips for first time visitors?
Dress appropriately, take a lesson (even if you think you don’t need one), check out our weekday specials online, or even pre-buy your ticket online.

How many ski runs do you offer? What percentage of them are beginner, intermediate and advance? What is your favorite run and why?
Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area has 23 trails.

35% Advanced
39% Intermediate
26% beginner

My favorite run is Lee’s Run. There is a natural bowl and a lot of different ways to ski the run with multiple exits, my favorite being Jumping Judy – a short black diamond run.

Do you sell season passes or annual memberships? What are the benefits of joining?
The best time to purchase season passes are in the spring for the following season. They are around $215 for a full season pass per person. We sell a family pass where after you purchase the first three passes the rest of the family (immediate family, ages 18 and under, and living together) get season passes for free. So a mom and dad with five kids are going to spend a maximum of about $645 on season passes at Trollhaugen.

We offer a 50% discount on tubing with Trollhaugen season passes and we also have discounts on our summer activities. The passes can also be loaded with money and can be used at any salespoint at the area for purchases.

Do you offer a terrain park for snowboarders and skiers? What are key features?
We have two terrain parks. Our Valhalla Terrain Park was voted in the top 5 of best terrain parks in the midwest by Transworld Snowboarding magazine. We offer high speed ropes so you get the most out of your time in the park.

What are your dining or food options? What is your favorite snack or dish?
We have a snack bar area and also a bar/lounge and cafe. Definitely try out our Wisconsin Style Bloody Mary in the lounge along with our Black Diamond Burger which is topped with jalapenos and smothered with pepper jack cheese.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Wherever you may go skiing/snowboarding if you are a beginner or a never ever take a lesson. Most ski areas have certified or at least seasoned instructors that can improve your day from good to great. Trollhaugen offers free beginner lessons (at specific times – reservations may be required) to anyone who is interested.

More Information:
2232 100th Avenue Dresser, WI 54009


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